Asian Academy of International Law

The Academy is an independent and registered charitable body set up in Hong Kong to further the studies, research and development of international law in Asia. While the Academy focuses on capacity building among Asian countries, it also endeavours to facilitate collaboration among practitioners and academics. In 2018, the Academy has been granted observer status to UNCITRAL Working Group III.

Chinese Society of International Law

Founded in 1980 and has more than 800 registered members from all over the country engaged in teaching and research institutions of international law, state organs and other practical work departments. Chinese Society of International Law in China is the centre of international academic exchange. It conducts promotion of international law in China, research, practice, dissemination and development, playing an important role and making significant impact.


New World Group Charity Foundation

To fulfil New World Group’s commitment to corporate sustainability, the New World Group Charity Foundation was established in 2011 with the aim of contributing to charities and worthy causes and providing practical support to various sports, art and cultural programmes initiated by the Group. This establishment helps the Group achieve its goals of improving social mobility of the under-resourced and fostering social harmony. New World Springboard, a flagship sustainable community project funded by the New World Group Charity Foundation, provides assistance to under-resourced youths with sports trainings to help them develop self-discipline and a positive outlook on life, and embrace challenges with an indomitable spirit.


Jebsen Group

From a shipping agency established at the end of 19th century, Jebsen Group has evolved into a marketing and distribution organisation, deeply embedded in the industries and markets it serves. It keeps pace with the rapidly changing business landscape and consumer lifestyles in Greater China, leveraging its long established presence, local knowledge and industry specialisation to offer unique value to companies around the world – enabling targeted and effective market access in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Jebsen Group is known for representing quality products, services, investments and solutions across the Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital. Outside the region, it enjoys close ties with sister companies in Southeast Asia, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Middle East and the United States.



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