09:00 - 09:25 AM

Opening Speeches

Mrs Carrie Lam-Cheng
Dr Anthony Neoh
Professor Huang Jin
09:25 - 09:45 AM

Special Topic: Contributions of Developing Countries to the International Order – from the Perspective of China

Speaker: XIE Feng
09:45 - 10:00 AM

Special Topic: Contribution of AALCO to the Development of International Law

Speaker: Professor GASTORN, Kennedy
10:00 - 10:20 AM


10:20 - 12:15 PM

Session I: Spurring Cross-Border Trade and Investment

Moderator: Dr Anthony Neoh QC SC JP

Speaker: Professor Julien Chaisse
Towards a Multilateral Framework on Investment Facilitation - Key Design Features and Significance for Global Trade and Development

Speaker: Mr Sourabh Gupta
Road Rules, Road Rage and Trade and Investment Law: Are Trump’s Tariff Wars Justified?

Speaker: Professor Alicia Frohmann
Gender Provisions in Trade and Investment Agreements

Speaker: Dr Oktawian Kuc
The Roles of SEZs in Encouraging Trade and Investment

Speaker: Mr Felix Lee
Front Line Ground Experience of Hong Kong Corporates Investing and Operating in China

Panel Discussion

Q & A
12:15 - 13:30 PM

Lunch (for speakers and VIPs only)

13:30 - 15:40 PM

Session II: Dispute Resolution – The Global Dimension

Keynote Speech: Ms Teresa Cheng

Moderator: Mr Justin D'Agostino

Speaker: Dr Sorajak Kasemsuvan
The Art of Dispute Resolution from an Asian Perspective

Speaker: Dr Alejandro Carballo-Leyda
Effective Use of Investment Mediation

Speaker: Professor Marta Pertegás
The 2019 Hague Judgments Convention: Its Conclusion and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Dr Jane Willems
International Business Courts: A New Era for International Commercial and Investment Dispute Resolution?

Speaker: Professor Huang Jin
New Development of Dispute Settlement of Cross-border Trade and Investment

Panel Discussion

15:40 - 16:00 PM


16:00 - 17:30 PM

Session III: International Law – The Belt and Road Initiative

Moderator: Mr Paul Starr

Speaker: Professor Zhao Yun
International Legal Issues of the Belt and Road Initiative

Speaker: Mr Peter Scott Caldwell
Online Dispute Resolution: Facilitating Global Investment including the Belt and Road Initiative

Speaker: Mr Allen Ting
Cross-Border Legal Challenges in Building a Digital Silk Road

Speaker: Ms Susie Cheung
Topic: Hong Kong – Towards a Securitisation Financing Hub for the Belt and Road Initiative
and Greater Bay Area

Panel Discussion

Q & A
09:00 - 10:25 AM

Session IV: Cyber Security

Moderator: Professor Rolf H. Weber

Speaker: Professor Rolf H. Weber
Cyber Security in International Law

Speaker: Mr Keong-Min Yoon
World Bank’s Efforts to Combat Cybercrime and the Importance of International Cooperation

Speaker: Ms Lucia Lau
Investing in Data - the Related Privacy Risks

Speaker: Mr Allen Ting
Cyber Security from the Corporate Perspective
10:25 - 10:45 AM


10:45 - 11:10 AM


11:10 - 11:30 AM

Closing Remarks

Dr Anthony Neoh QC SC JP
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