About the Colloquium

As the flagship event of the Asian Academy of International Law, the annual Colloquium on International Law in the past years have been graced with the presence of an array of distinguished speakers, supported by various esteemed bodies and well attended by audiences coming from all over the world, gathering prestigious scholars, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, diplomats and high-ranking government officials to deliberate on topical issues that pertain to different spheres of international law.

About the 2019 Colloquium

Instead of closed-door policy, cross-border trade is the commercial norm of our time. While the world is so diverse with State policies and business practices so different, it is important for all countries to give a new solidity to multilateral cooperation. To create a conducive climate for furthering global investment, synergy, is the key.

As information technology advancing on an unprecedented scale in the 21st century, every aspect of human life is surrounded, if not dominated, by it. In the business sphere, as e-commence thrives, so is cybercrime; thus, it is imperative to act now to safeguard corporate investments and assets with comprehensive cyber security measures.

Synergy and security are the sinews of cross-border trade and investment.
Under the theme “Synergy and Security – the Keys to Sustainable Global Investment”, we will discuss specific issues that are of utmost importance and great relevance to global economy including Spurring Cross-Border Trade and Investment, Dispute Resolution – The Global Dimension, International Law & The Belt and Road Initiative, and Cyber Security.
Riding on the success of past Colloquiums, we promise the 2019 Colloquium will be a highly informative event that no sector should miss.

Business Sector – listed company directors, CEOs, C-Suite executives, investors, strategists
Legal Sector – practitioners, judges
Academic Sector – faculty members, researchers, students
Government Sector – diplomats, government officials, policymakers
International Organisations – senior officials, consultants, specialists, legal officers

If you want to get ready to seize the golden opportunities on the threshold of the much-anticipated development of the Greater Bay Area. This is the event for you!

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